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There are only about a hundred copies left of Action Comics 1, a comic book with thirteen pages that features Superman and Lois Lane, that has gone up for auction for $2.89 million. Sometimes, it pays to be a pack rat.

There are many instances like this that exist all over America. Probably not as extreme so as to having something cooped up and hidden away that costs almost three million dollars, but things of value nonetheless. Often, these things are subject to the harsh conditions of neglect and unconditioned weather. Units of self-storage facilities are meant to counteract instances such as that.

Self-storage facilities are often designed with customizable amenities that allow for your items and stored goods to be kept in peak conditions. Climate controlled storage units can keep belongings safe, whether the weather outside is a hundred degrees or even below freezing. Items will be kept in such a way that protects them from the uncontrollable forces of nature. If you allowed for these extra things to simply be stored in your home and allow for the elements to run its course onto them then you might lose these precious things. One should take this into consideration when putting valuable items in storage.

Units at facilities like this are not just for simple storage purposes but can also act as a quasi-extension of your household. Say that you are, perhaps, parents and your child has just moved out and cannot hope to bring everything with him or her? Storing them in a facility can be beneficial for both parties. This solution can be applied to various scenarios like perhaps you are temporarily moving states to a smaller place and need somewhere to store your goods without lugging them along with you?

People have been hoarding and keeping mementos for the possibility of treasuring them. Keeping them safe and in the best condition possible for as long as you can is a responsibility that self-storage facilities can provide dutiful aid for.

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