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I have recently become fascinated with cooking. I have poured over different recipes and techniques. I am always trying to learn more about what separates a good meal from a great meal. I am not the best chef myself, but researching cooking does not require a fleshed-out repertoire of staple recipes. It just requires passion and a propensity to learn more about the craft.

I mostly associate excellent cooking with cramped kitchens, in which professionals are bumping into each other to craft excellent meals for diners at a restaurant. You can thus understand my shock when I found out that some excellent icons of the food industry enjoy cooking outside in outdoor kitchens.

I did not know what outdoor kitchens were but surprisingly I found out information about it from the Chesterfield lawn care professionals of Midwest Lawn. Lawn care is heavily associated with extensive outdoor renovations and for one of the best lawn care companies in the area, outdoor kitchens are just one of the installations in which they have experience crafting.

The Difference in Opinion

For many, outdoor kitchens signify mosquitos, miserable humidity, and gross camping concoctions. For others, outdoor kitchens are the ultimate sign of relaxation, beauty and grace, and memory-making with loved ones. No wonder there is such a disparity between how people approach outdoor kitchens; the spaces vary wildly in quality and usage.

If your outdoor kitchen does not have mosquito repellent lamps in close proximity, I am confident that your food will be swamped by the pesky pests! And if you use the space in the worst, hottest days of the summer without any fans or a way to cool off, it is no surprise that you would associate it with miserable moisture.

Why Use an Outdoor Kitchen?

The reason that some people choose to use an outdoor kitchen, though, is clear: it can be a warm, inviting space for people to look at nature’s beauty, cook or grill food, and enjoy a wide-open space that only a front or back yard can offer. Since I am obsessed with learning about cooking, I did some research and found testimonials of several people discussing food as it relates to outdoor kitchens.

Apparently, some people think more highly of food based on the context in which it was made. That is pretty logical to me; you would not enjoy spaghetti in a cramped or chaotic space as much as you would if you were to eat in a gondola rowing down Venetian rivers, right? It only follows that burgers grilled outside accompanied by an ice cold beer and the sounds of children playing is tastier than a burger stiffly put on a plate in an overpriced bistro.

I suggest to anyone interested in spending more time outside or to anyone who is tempted to explore different cooking options to look at installing an outdoor kitchen in your front or back yard. Talk with professionals who have experience installing large spaces like a kitchen. If it works with your budget, you might just enjoy your food a whole lot more!

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