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Acting and behaving responsibly so as not to put anyone’s safety on the line is everyone’s duty besides being just what is expected of all of us. Thus, acts due to recklessness and negligence can be considered as either civil or criminal offenses which should be met with the specific punishment that these deserve, most especially if these cause injury on someone.

Any harm suffered by a person due to another’s careless behavior is called personal injury. Even if the injury were sustained through an accident, the law will still hold someone responsible – the party whose negligence has caused the accident and the injury it has resulted to.

There are various types of accident-related injuries, many of which happen on the road involving trucks. One really alarming news about road accidents, though, is the overwhelming rise in the number of road crashes that involve commercial vehicles, such as pick-ups, oil tankers and gravel trucks, in Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas.

Eagle Ford Shale boasts of a sedimentary rock formation which is famous for its production of great amounts of dry and wet gas, condensate, natural gas liquids or NGLs and oil. This gas and oil producing rig is recognized as the largest oil field discovered in the US during the last four decades. Unfortunately, with the oil boom in Eagle Ford Shale, which covers about 23 Texas counties, is a shocking increase in the number of road crashes, so that many have dubbed the area as “the death trap.”

For a period of three years, the number of truck accidents in Eagle Ford Shale and its surrounding counties has skyrocketed to more than 400%. Most affected are the counties of LaSalle, Dimmit and Karnes, where majority of the active oil wells are located. Congestion, exhausted oil workers (working on 16-hour shifts) and commercial truck drivers in a hurry to make deliveries, are believed to be the reasons behind the accidents. With more than 500 trucks a day (from less than 5 before 2008, the year oil was discovered in Eagle Ford Shale) now plying the area and its surrounding counties, truck accidents have become a common site in the area.

Some of the companies which have joined Petrohawk in conducting operations in Eagle Ford Shale, include Atlas, Apache, Anadarko, Lewis Petro, EOG, SM Energy, and Geo Southern. As the Texas oil boom is believed to hit its highest yet, this means more trucks, and probably more accidents, in next many years.

Truck accidents cause serious damage to property and can cause serious injuries that will forever change the victim’s way of life; it can even lead to the victim’s death. Though an accident, if the liable party is clearly a truck driver, or any employee, working for any of the companies conducting operations, then you can bring the guilty party to justice and legally receive compensation for your sufferings, financial losses and medical needs.




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