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Dogs can sometimes be the most loving pets in the house and the bond that can exist between a dog and its owner can be so deep. In the US alone, millions of families and individuals own dogs; so many of these are so loving and friendly that even strangers can come close to stroke them.

There are certain breeds of dogs that are hostile too, though, which sometimes attack or bite even their owners, especially when they become too playful or feel threatened. Some dog attacks or bites only have minor effects; others, though, can cause severe injuries, which can either be physically and / or psychologically traumatic. Some serious injuries that dog bites can cause include laceration, infection, nerve damage, broken bones, disfigurement and paralysis; there are bites that even require reconstructive surgery.

About 800,000 dog bites are recorded in the US every year and half of its victims are children, boys mostly. While children aged between 5 and 9 are the ones mostly bitten, the ones who suffer the greatest trauma are children aged 4 or younger as the injury bites that they suffer from are usually on the head or neck.

Due to the alarming high number of dog bite victims, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has tried to finds means that will effectively and significantly decrease their number. Published articles discussing rabies, dog bite prevention and things to consider when getting a dog, aimed at educating dog owners, especially non-dog experts, are available online for easy access.

When a dog attacks, there is no telling what specific injury its victim will suffer. Sometimes, despite minor injuries, the time required until the wound heals can cause a working victim time off from work, while requiring him or her to pay medication and treatment. The more serious effect, however, is the trauma caused by the bad experience. It can lead to depression, fits of compulsive rage, flashback to traumatic event and even excessive fear, especially in children. Surely, these will heal, but the length of time required can be much longer and the therapy treatment needed can be quite expensive.

No matter how domesticated your dog is, it always your duty, as its owner, to make sure that there will never be any chance of it attacking anyone. Ensuring that your yard is escape-free or putting your dog on a leash, whenever you take it for a walk, are ways to prevent it from biting or attacking anyone.

In the event, though, that you are bitten by somebody else’s dog, know that you can seek legal counsel for help on how you can be compensated for whatever suffering and damages you will be subjected to.


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